There are books you can read that entertain. They absorb you and take you, for a little while, into the realm of imagination. Upon return to every day life you remain the same as you were before, perhaps with a few ideas in store, but little more. The book was engaging and interesting and that is all. We love books like these precisely because they are what they are: a respite, a moment of recluse, where there is only us and our imagination. We can escape, for a time, the monotones of daily routine and enter worlds hitherto unthinkable, where the impossible becomes possible and the unlikely probable.

Then there are books that require something of the reader besides imagination. We are invited to reflect ourselves, our world, our relationships, our interactions with ourselves and with others. When we are finished reading them, we are somehow different from how we were. We have taken a step, in whatever direction, and we have become conscious of something we were not conscious of before. We walk around and view the world, our world, differently.

Conscious Quarters® is dedicated to this second type of book. The books we publish are those that we feel will have a profound impact on the reader, where a new understanding or insight, a new consciousness takes quarter in you. The same is true for the music we offer, for the videos we produce and for he insights into ourselves and our behavior - the human element. That is our soul/sole purpose. Please let us know how you feel we are doing. Contact us at feedback@remove-this.conscious-quarters.com.